Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sunflower seeds

I finally cut down the sunflowers. They were just so HUGE and bending over with the weight. So this evening I set to and took off all the seeds. Hundreds and hundreds of seeds.
Maybe this coming year I will tour One Seed again in British Columbia, and give out sunflower seeds to the children...
What do you think?
It's been a few years since I toured One Seed. It's time I did it again. Such fun.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New art from Oregon

What a wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday, a package of art from Lake Oswego in Oregon. Four and five-year-olds have created wonderful drawings that will be posted in the One Seed Kids Art Gallery. So keep your eyes peeled. They will be up in the gallery by the end of the week.
Don't you just love surprises!
Rosemary (I'm smiling)
PS the 10 foot sunflowers shown in my previous posting are now bending over heavy with the seeds that have formed... the flowers are BIG, dinner plate size... I have to let the seeds mature then I'll be taking the plants down. The seeds will be perfect to give to children should I tour One Seed in British Columbia next Spring.

Friday, August 22, 2014

3 metre high sunflower

And to think I started these from little seeds. The garden is doing so well this year. I am learning so much, experimenting, having fun, and playing with the hummingbirds, robins, butterflies and all the buzzing bees.

The sunflower is so big I have to hold it up with a long plank. The flower is so heavy that it is pulling over the stem. Originally the sunflower was over three metres tall (10 feet) at least... the plank is 8 feet long.

Isn't it amazing what a little seed can do?



Monday, June 23, 2014

Art from Lila Maggi in Argentina

What a surprise this morning to receive a work of art from Argentina.
Seven-year-old Lila Maggi says about One Seed, "This story made me happy because is very good and teach me that it's need one seed for all grow."
Here is the drawing... what beautiful colours and images...
Thank you so much Lila Maggi - this is a wonderful gift to start the week in colourful joy!
Thank you Florencia for sending it along.

And about seeds, my garden is coming along wonderfully this year, with tomatoes and peas and beans from my own seeds.
I also have many flowers now starting to bloom.

Nature is certainly amazing! To think that a tiny seed can create a whole plant just with water, sunshine and soil - and caring... in a garden. However, Mother Nature takes care of so much - our forests, our prairies, meadows, river valleys, mountains... and does it without our help. Such wonder, such magic. Such a gift to us all.
It is so important that we take care of this Earth, for it is our home, gives us beauty, food, medicines, building materials, and amazing wildlife.
Again, thank you Lila Maggi - you are an inspiration.
In gratitude


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Art for the One Seed Kids Art Gallery

What a delight it has been this year to receive so many works of art from children of various cultures, and from as far away as India. I even received a package with original drawings from children in the MAYA school in Dearborn, Michigan, in the United States. Every drawing is a wonderful creation and delight to see.
I just returned from the launch of my latest endeavour, "A Song to Remember - 45th Anniversary Memoirs", featuring the voices of the British Columbia Boys Choir. It is a book telling the story of  the choir and how it has influenced the lives of almost 1000 boys in those 45 years, boys who went on to become successful businessmen, professional entertainers, lawyers, singers, and more. It was a wonderful experience to meet many of the 'old boys' who have contributed to the book.
Upon my arrival home last night I see there are drawings from Spain and Ireland, sent by teachers, to be added to the One Seed Kids Art Gallery. Thank you - I shall be getting to them this week.
I just wish I could be in the class rooms and see the faces of the children when they see their art on the internet.
Thank you so much, all the teachers, parents and children who have participated to date.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Art in the One Seed Kids Art Gallery

It's about time I made another post on the One Seed Blog. These past few months I have been busy with my work compiling and writing a book about the 45-year history of the British Columbia Boys Choir. I was able to interview past members of the choir, many who had joined when they were just young boys. Their stories tell of the importance of being in the choir, to sing together, to learn together, and to grow together in a team - to experience touring internationally and taking on responsibility. These experiences influenced their lives.

And so it is with One Seed. My hope is that this story and song will influence lives around the world, and that children who have been reading and singing the story and song, will remember in years to come, about not giving up, about courage, about making a difference, and about HOPE.

This past couple of months I have received a good number of drawings from children in both Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes in India and Spain. There are now over 200 drawings in the gallery. You can reach the gallery at Every single drawing tells a story, every drawing is unique, an expression from that child.

So whenever I get an e-mail from a teacher asking if I can post a few drawings in the gallery I drop everything I am doing and get to it. These children are important, they are the planet's future. I give my gratitude to all those teachers who are steering these children and therefore our future.

So as we approach the Easter Weekend, Happy Spring Long Weekend, in the Northern Hemisphere, and Earth Day, I send greetings, hope and peace to all.