Monday, April 9, 2018

One Seed for Earth Day

Earth Day is fast approaching and one thing I really enjoy is presenting with students in schools to celebrate Earth and all life upon it. This year I have been invited to Hutton Elementary School in my home town of Grand Forks, in British Columbia, to present One Seed to Grades 1 and 2. Afterwards there will be some activity time, and I am hoping there will be some more creations to add to the gallery. At the moment there are over 450 drawings from around the world, and I hear from a teacher in Newfoundland, Canada, there will be more coming. Yeah!

Last year (2017) One Seed got a revamp and recolouring, and a reprinting as the Third Edition which now includes the educational component (questions about seeds and ideas) like on the video. By visiting you can download the book free as a PDF.

I never thought in 2002 when One Seed first became a little book, the story and song would gradually make their way around the world, and this because of new technology and internet.

I wish for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere a Happy Spring and sowing of seeds!