Monday, June 23, 2014

Art from Lila Maggi in Argentina

What a surprise this morning to receive a work of art from Argentina.
Seven-year-old Lila Maggi says about One Seed, "This story made me happy because is very good and teach me that it's need one seed for all grow."
Here is the drawing... what beautiful colours and images...
Thank you so much Lila Maggi - this is a wonderful gift to start the week in colourful joy!
Thank you Florencia for sending it along.

And about seeds, my garden is coming along wonderfully this year, with tomatoes and peas and beans from my own seeds.
I also have many flowers now starting to bloom.

Nature is certainly amazing! To think that a tiny seed can create a whole plant just with water, sunshine and soil - and caring... in a garden. However, Mother Nature takes care of so much - our forests, our prairies, meadows, river valleys, mountains... and does it without our help. Such wonder, such magic. Such a gift to us all.
It is so important that we take care of this Earth, for it is our home, gives us beauty, food, medicines, building materials, and amazing wildlife.
Again, thank you Lila Maggi - you are an inspiration.
In gratitude


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