Monday, April 9, 2018

One Seed for Earth Day

Earth Day is fast approaching and one thing I really enjoy is presenting with students in schools to celebrate Earth and all life upon it. This year I have been invited to Hutton Elementary School in my home town of Grand Forks, in British Columbia, to present One Seed to Grades 1 and 2. Afterwards there will be some activity time, and I am hoping there will be some more creations to add to the gallery. At the moment there are over 450 drawings from around the world, and I hear from a teacher in Newfoundland, Canada, there will be more coming. Yeah!

Last year (2017) One Seed got a revamp and recolouring, and a reprinting as the Third Edition which now includes the educational component (questions about seeds and ideas) like on the video. By visiting you can download the book free as a PDF.

I never thought in 2002 when One Seed first became a little book, the story and song would gradually make their way around the world, and this because of new technology and internet.

I wish for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere a Happy Spring and sowing of seeds!


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

New One Seed art from North Dakota

What a wonderful surprise today to receive drawings from Midkota School in Binford, North Dakota. Miss Carlin Swart sent along twelve drawings by her Grade 2 class. These are now posted in the One Seed Kids Art Gallery (

It warms my heart to know that teachers and students are using One Seed in their classrooms - the story, the song and the video. THANK YOU!

This has made my day!
Cheers and gratitude

Monday, April 25, 2016

Earth Day 2016

One Seed became part of an Earth Day celebration and learning experience in an apartment building in Burnaby, British Columbia. Joyce O'Doherty created an event that drew families from their apartments, all ages, to listen to the story, sing the song, and learn about seeds and plants. Here are a few photos. Thank you Joyce for sending them along, and for taking the time to celebrate this planet we call home. And thank you everyone for participating.

Meanwhile, on Earth Day, Friday, April 22, I was at Okanagan Falls Elementary School where we did a whole school story, song, and had murals with drawings and hopes and wishes. Principal Lisa McCall helped organize the day, and all grades (students and teachers) were involved and participated, from Kindergarten to Grade 7. I will be posting a video and pictures in the next few weeks.
Thank you Miss McCall, and thank you everyone at OK Falls Elementary for such an incredible day to celebrate Earth and life!

Monday, March 21, 2016

One Seed performed in Japan

Great news! Today One Seed was performed in Shimoneseki, Yamaguchi, Japan at the New Beginning International School, with English as a second language. The Kindergarten class performed the story as a play, and the song with actions for their graduation ceremony today. Director Marcia Haug sent along the video which you can see on Facebook:

The children not only acted out the story, they played all the parts. My heart has been touched by this... and to see the children doing the actions when they sing the song... WONDERFUL! What a joy to see!

Thank you Marcia Haug for sharing this wonderful experience.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"One Seed" is now released as a FREE PDF E-Book, MP3 and Video

At last, I am so happy to say that "One Seed" is now released as a FREE PDF E-Book in English, French, Persian and English-Persian. (Visit for the downloads.)

The revised English PDF also includes the images from the YouTube Video, about seeds, what comes from seeds, about seeds as ideas, and also some examples from the Kids Art Gallery ( .

Also released for FREE are the Read-Along, Sing-along MP3s and the educational One Seed Video and the One Seed Song sing-along video.

So now you can download all of "One Seed" to enjoy in your home and classroom.

In addition to being a simple story about a seed, "One Seed" was published as a story to inspire, bring hope, encourage growing a garden, and to know that ideas, like seeds, GROW! And that we can all make a difference in this world!

I welcome feedback, and even art that can be added to the gallery.

Cheers and happy thoughts

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Changes for One Seed

Spring is just around the corner, and while feeling the oncoming glory of new life in the garden, I am going to be making some changes for One Seed, both on YouTube, on the web site and also here on this blog.
It's time... so watch for the changes... very soon! I won't say what they are yet... but I'm sure you will be very happy!
I'm smiling!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Happy Spring - and Time to Plant Seeds

Happy Spring!

I am seeing that One Seed is happening around the world. There is new art in the Kids Art Gallery ( and just today I heard from Zuzana, in the Slovak Republic, in Europe. She says, "We will sing your song in our Kindergarten. Our children like it:

This warms my heart. I just love receiving these little surprises... as a reminder that somewhere on this planet children are singing the song, and teachers are sharing the One Seed story with their classes... even in English as a Second Language.

I have now moved to the Kettle Valley near Rock Creek, in British Columbia, Canada, and I have a new garden to start. I will be planting some seeds this coming weekend. Unfortunately, until I have the raised beds built, much of what I will be doing this year will be in plant pots. The ground is very rocky...

So I wish everyone a Happy Spring, and a happy growing time (in the northern hemisphere), as leaves come out on the trees, bees and insects are pollinating the blossoms on the fruit trees, and all is coming to new life.

May your seeds grow strong and tall
Cheers and gratitude