Friday, December 6, 2013

One Seed - Nelson Mandela

Hello Everyone,
Nelson Mandela went Home yesterday, after a long period of illness. Like One Seed, Nelson Mandela has certainly made a difference in this world, doing what was originally thought to be impossible, put his roots down for South Africa, spent years in prison then helped establish a new nation, all peacefully. His words and actions have influenced many around this planet, in all countries - like One Seed, spreading his influence and sowing more seeds everywhere.
His courage, determination, and peaceful means changed the nation.
There are still difficulties in South Africa, as there are in all countries around the globe, for is that not what life is all about? Meeting adversity and overcoming it peacefully, and sharing and spreading the results so that others may benefit?
Thank you Nelson for all you have given the human race, and all life.
My prayers are with all who have known him, worked with him, and continue to work for his cause, the path he walked to freedom, peace and end to hunger and poverty.
With gratitude

Monday, November 25, 2013

A new blog for One Seed

There has been a request from a Grade 2  teacher wishing to link with other teachers around the world who have been working with the One Seed story and song. I have researched several avenues and this at the moment seems to be the best. I have not been able to set up a forum on the One Seed web page yet. That may happen in the future, but for the meantime, maybe folks can communicate through this blog.

I am really happy to say now that One Seed has not only had a recording made by a family in India, it is being used in South Africa, Australia, Ireland and across North America and Canada, Europe, Asia, even Qatar.

It warms my heart to know that children around the world are singing the song and enjoying the story.

I am most grateful.