Monday, March 21, 2016

One Seed performed in Japan

Great news! Today One Seed was performed in Shimoneseki, Yamaguchi, Japan at the New Beginning International School, with English as a second language. The Kindergarten class performed the story as a play, and the song with actions for their graduation ceremony today. Director Marcia Haug sent along the video which you can see on Facebook:

The children not only acted out the story, they played all the parts. My heart has been touched by this... and to see the children doing the actions when they sing the song... WONDERFUL! What a joy to see!

Thank you Marcia Haug for sharing this wonderful experience.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"One Seed" is now released as a FREE PDF E-Book, MP3 and Video

At last, I am so happy to say that "One Seed" is now released as a FREE PDF E-Book in English, French, Persian and English-Persian. (Visit for the downloads.)

The revised English PDF also includes the images from the YouTube Video, about seeds, what comes from seeds, about seeds as ideas, and also some examples from the Kids Art Gallery ( .

Also released for FREE are the Read-Along, Sing-along MP3s and the educational One Seed Video and the One Seed Song sing-along video.

So now you can download all of "One Seed" to enjoy in your home and classroom.

In addition to being a simple story about a seed, "One Seed" was published as a story to inspire, bring hope, encourage growing a garden, and to know that ideas, like seeds, GROW! And that we can all make a difference in this world!

I welcome feedback, and even art that can be added to the gallery.

Cheers and happy thoughts