Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Art in the One Seed Kids Art Gallery

It's about time I made another post on the One Seed Blog. These past few months I have been busy with my work compiling and writing a book about the 45-year history of the British Columbia Boys Choir. I was able to interview past members of the choir, many who had joined when they were just young boys. Their stories tell of the importance of being in the choir, to sing together, to learn together, and to grow together in a team - to experience touring internationally and taking on responsibility. These experiences influenced their lives.

And so it is with One Seed. My hope is that this story and song will influence lives around the world, and that children who have been reading and singing the story and song, will remember in years to come, about not giving up, about courage, about making a difference, and about HOPE.

This past couple of months I have received a good number of drawings from children in both Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes in India and Spain. There are now over 200 drawings in the gallery. You can reach the gallery at Every single drawing tells a story, every drawing is unique, an expression from that child.

So whenever I get an e-mail from a teacher asking if I can post a few drawings in the gallery I drop everything I am doing and get to it. These children are important, they are the planet's future. I give my gratitude to all those teachers who are steering these children and therefore our future.

So as we approach the Easter Weekend, Happy Spring Long Weekend, in the Northern Hemisphere, and Earth Day, I send greetings, hope and peace to all.


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